As a child, I remember my parents singing the songs of Hank Williams, Hank Cochran, Tammy Wynette, Marty Robbins, and so many other greats. It seemed natural to play and sing around our house, but it wasn't until some friends opened a coffee shop in my hometown that I performed regularly outside of a living room. I loved doing my original material, and the patrons seemed to like it too. Traveling seeds began to be sewn, and I landed in Nashville. In 2000, I left Greenville, Mississippi, and the flat, cottonland of the Delta for Music City, USA.

I've just completed my first CD, which includes two songs recorded in Memphis. The rest of the project took almost a year and was done in Nashville, mostly with people I had come to know and admire and call my friends. I am looking forward to playing the songs in some different towns now, hopefully in lots of small rooms filled with people, where there is a dialogue between audience and performer. I find that very satisfying, along with making new friends on the road.

Christening the towboat that carries my name in 1975. This was our family business, an industry that made Greenville the "Port City of the Delta".
Performing with my very talented sisters, Bronwynne and Eden Brent in 1990 at the Levee Break Festival.
One of my Buffalo River canoe trips in Arkansas where my theory was to live on canned tuna, bottled water and prunes and catch whatever else we needed. I have since revised this, but still take the prunes.
My mother was my first inspiration as a songwriter. Here, she met Elvis at the Tupelo concert in 1956.
My Family
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